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Video – Floods

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Ein ungemütlicher Song über die Umweltzerstörung durch unseren Konsum.

FLOODS (dying in High Definition)
we see these floods erasing whole towns and drag ‹em to the sea
we feel their sweat on our skin when we put on our clothes
we hear their screams ringing in our ears when we use our phones
we scent their fear of hopelessness from our coffees to go
they act on a screen
a play so far away from here
seems so unreal
I’m sure that’s got nothing to do with me

we see them cry
when they’re forced to sell their kids
and in our mouthes
we taste blood when we cut up their meat
we hear them beg
when there’s nothing left but the bones
we still invest
in shady major companies

I’m sure everything will be alright
as long as the new iPhone is coming

©LOWRAY 2017
Video recorded and edited by Marisa Gut